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The Transformation Trap

Over 70% of business and digital transfromation intiatives fail to reach 
their stated goals. Discover how Lunation helps you improve your chances 
of success and elevate enterprise value at your company.

Avoid the Transformation Trap: Start with a Proven Foundation

The Transformation Trap refers to the common obstacles organizations face when trying to evolve and innovate. It encompasses the difficulties in implementing change, the resistance to new ideas, defining and tracking outcomes, and the failure to achieve desired outcomes.
image representing transformation program failure rate with a red moon
Program Failure Rate
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The High Cost of Failed Transformations

Failed transformations have significant negative impacts on businesses, including wasted resources, decreased productivity, and damaged reputation.
$ 1 200 000 000 000 of Wasted Investment
Loss of Competitive Advantage
Tarnished Customer Experience
Damage to Brand Reputation
Low Team Morale

Derailed Careers

Root Causes of Transformation Failures

of Skills
Industry Shift
Poor Team
Buy-In / Plans
Inadequate Board Monitoring
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Successful Transformation Plan

At Lunation, we understand the challenges organizations face when attempting to transform. Lunation helps you avoid the pitfalls and achieve successful outcomes.

Avoiding the Transformation Trap

Learn from real-world examples and case studies

Avoid the Transformation Trap: Learn How to Successfully Orchestrate Transformation

Discover the key factors that contribute to successful business transformations and avoid common pitfalls. Our Transformation Index graph shows the number of transformation successes and failures over time, providing valuable insights for your organization.

Avoid the Transformation Trap: Learn How to Successfully Orchestrate Transformation

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Avoid the Transformation Trap

Reduce the challenges of business transformation and learn how Lunation can help