A New Approach to Business Transformation Aims for Success

On April 19, 2022 the idea was born
Using artificial intelligence and cloud technology to increase the chances of your company's transformation success has become a reality
but let's start over, starting with...
image of computer program failure resulting in lost data files
Transformational upheaval

Unraveling the Data Disaster

A crisis sparked a revolution amid a vast sea of unlinked data at a Fortune 500 technology company that was undergoing rapid transformation.

It was 2 a.m. when disaster struck: a crucial Excel model, the linchpin in a painstaking effort to integrate over thirty core transformation business  cases, crashed irrevocably.

This wasn't just a minor setback, it was a catastrophic failure.  At stake were months of hard work and providing information for a critical quarterly board meeting update the next day.
it was a life-changing event
A Bold Leap Forward

The Spark of Innovation

In that moment of frustration and coffee-induced wakefulness, an epiphany and question presented itself brightly to George, the founder of Lunation: How can we evolve this from the Stone Age to the digital and AI age?  

George realized that incremental improvement wasn’t enough; there had to be a radical departure from the antiquated, cumbersome tools and processes that hamstrung transformation efforts. Thus, the vision for Lunation was born: a technology platform aiming to eliminate 'transformation inhibitors' by leveraging collaborative, process-driven, AI-enabled, and analytics-based capabilities to orchestrate, streamline, and accelerate business and digital transformations.
On photo
George Stelling
Chief Executive Officer
Mouctar Diallo
Chief Technology Officer
Lunation founders George Stelling and Mouctar DialloLunation founders George Stelling and Mouctar Diallo 2Lunation founders George Stelling and Mouctar Diallo 3Lunation founders George Stelling and Mouctar Diallo 4
Redefining Transformation

The Lunation Platform was born

A technology firm that seeks to eliminate 'transformation inhibitors' by leveraging collaborative, process-driven, AI-enabled, and analytics-based capabilities to orchestrate, streamline, and accelerate business and digital transformations
The founding Lunation team in green room smiling
Mouctar Diallo
Mouctar Diallo
Chief Technology Officer
George Stelling
George Stelling
Dan Foia
Dan Foia
UI/UX Designer
Lunation progress

Improvement Process

The journey from vision to reality required not just an idea about innovation but also strong collaborations with the best and the brightest technology firms and all-stars in technology. George turned to trusted and battle-tested partners to breathe life into Lunation's ambitious dream.
First, George turned to Mouctar Diallo a former colleague from NVIDIA, who took on the role of Chief Technology Officer, reinforcing the NVIDIA lineage at the heart of Lunation's leadership.
Next, George’s tapped Dan Foia, a recognized UI/UX designer in London with more than seventeen years of experience and someone who could work tirelessly to create personas and high-impact user experiences
Lunation progress

Expert partners you can trust

Over time, Lunation’s team expanded through a set of strategic partnerships with leading-edge technology firms such as Snowflake, Rapid Developers, Tableau, and Quantrix.
Together, Lunation’s team and collaborators crafted an AI-enabled, workflow-driven, and role-based platform, setting new standards for speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation in the software.
Lunation founders George Stelling and Mouctar Diallo discussing Lunation's journey
Yet, this is merely the beginning of Lunation's journey
With an eye on eliminating the staggering $1.2 billion that is wasted annually on failed transformations, Lunation is on a mission to redefine the business and digital transformation landscape and elevate enterprise value one customer at a time.
powerful new features

Roadmap Lunation

The roadmap ahead is incredibly ambitious, offering a promising vision that includes the seamless integration of groundbreaking and powerful new features.
We are hiring

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We seek innovators and people dissatisfied with the status quo. If you're interested, let's talk.
This is Lunation's commitment and ambition: to make transformations easier, faster, cost-effective, and more successful.
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